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Creamy Tentacle Masturbation

I've always been into the idea of tentacles and I finally have my own tentacle glass dildo! Listen to how wet I get as I use my fingers and my dildo to pleasure myself. The entire video is filmed up close so you get a great view of how I work my tentacle magic! 6:03 HD 1080p

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Duck Tape Hitachi

Webcam. 15:09.

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Beautiful Agony Double Orgasm

In this Beautiful Agony inspired video, I use my hitachi and fingers to bring myself to two amazing orgasms. 5:45 HD 1080p

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Banana Blowjob

Webcam. 5:01

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Cheating Girlfriends Get Punished

Talia Satania and Nicki Sunshine have been a little promiscuous lately. They divulge secret stories of their encounters to each other, but unbeknownst to them, their boyfriends found out. So what did they do? Hire a Dominatrix to teach their girlfriends a lesson. Talia and Nicki will think twice about cheating next time. 7:14 HD 1080p

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Featuring: Talia Satania

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Tease & Fuck

Starting with a long, sensual tease, I slowly remove my clothing piece by piece until I'm in nothing but my bra. A pull out my largest dildo and slowly work it into my ass. After pounding myself from behind, I stick it to the floor to ride. Once my ass has had enough, I fuck myself with a different dildo in my pussy and cum with my hitachi. 24:42 HD 1080p

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Nurse Nicki Gets a Check Up

Doctor Valerie Paige's helpful nurse, Nicki, is due for a free check up for all of her hard work. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and a fast heart rate, Dr. Paige has just the remedy. Surely a good dose of flogging and Hitachi therapy will do the trick. 23:53 HD 1080p

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In the Bunk

A voyeuristic masturbation session in a bunk bed with multiple orgasms. 10:02 HD 1080p

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Caught Spying On Your Neighbor

I just wanted to come over to have a little chat. I know you've been watching me through my window. I can tell you must be a little inexperienced, so let me help you. I tease you with my curvy body, showing you what's underneath. Relax, it'll be fun. Then I show you something a little more exciting - riding my dildo on the window anda fucking myself until I come. Still want more? I know you've been paying special attention to my ass so let me show you what I can really do. 27:05 HD 1080p

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Seductive Sunset

A sensual striptease and orgasm basking in the warm glow of the setting sun. 8:18 HD 1080p

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Shower & Shave

I nice relaxing shower with hair washing and a front and center view as I shave my bush into a neat triangle while sitting on my shower bench. 18:10 HD 1080p

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A bush and clit study, finding beauty and eroticism in the details. 7:23 HD 1080p

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Exclusive: Playing in the Hotel Bath

It's been a long day of driving, so I unwind in the bath tub with a pretty pink bath bomb. I play with my glass toy, showing you all the best angles. Then I carefully tease my clit with my hitachi, splashing the water around with the vibrations. I prop the camera up and bring myself to orgasm, before giving you one last tease. Shot on my Google Pixel. 9:18

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Pucker Up

Petra Vaca has picked out lipstick to put on just for Nicki. They kiss and quickly mess up both of each other's faces. After making out and teasing each other, they use their hitachi's to cum - one on each arm of the chair. 7:03 HD 1080p

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Featuring: Petra Vaca

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Dorm Domme

Nicki and Valerie Paige sit in their college dorm and complain about how much work they've been having to do lately. Nicki mentions her job, which prompts Valerie to reveal what she's REALLY been doing to make money. Valerie tells Nicki about being a professional domme before demonstrating a few of her favorite things. Nicki strips down and takes Valerie's floggers before submitting to her strap on. 18:41 HD 1080p

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Performance Review

It's finally time for your first annual performance review. Typically my assistant would go over it with you, but you've done particularly well that I'd like to discuss it with you personally. To be honest, I have a little extra surprise for you. I give you a more intimate look at your favorite boss - stripping and teasing - before revealing my big secret I have hiding on my desk. I ride my favorite dildo giving you a perfect view of my ass, before finishing myself off with my hitachi. I look forward to another great year. *Gender Neutral* 23:07 HD 1080p

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Latex & Lube

Leona Sadira has just put on Her best pair of sexy latex. The only problem is - She can't be bothered to get Her hands messy oiling it up. Good thing two of Her favorite pets, Nicki Sunshine and Talia Satania, are there to do the dirty work. They rub lube all over Leona's tight, smooth latex, making sure not to miss a single spot. 2:29 HD 1080p

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Bodysuit Foot Tease

My feet look so cute in my barely there sandals. After showing them off for you, I take them off so you can admire what little they were covering. I massage them and tell you how soft they are and continue to tease you with my cute bare feet. 5:36 HD 1080p

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Leopard Print Striptease

A booty-centric striptease in my favorite leopard print bra and panties. Music used is "Enthusiast" by Tours. 6:03 HD 1080p 30fps

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Look But Don't Touch

After asking you to come home with me from the bar, you thought you were going to get laid. Little do you know, I don't actually want to have sex. I want something more exciting. I want to show you more of my ass that you adore so much but I'm not going to let you touch it. You listen to my commands as I tease you before giving you a final cum countdown. Now clean yourself up and get out. 9:36 HD 1080p 30fps

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Penis Cake Cuties

Nicki made a delicious treat to share with Wood. She pulls it out of the oven to reveal a pink penis shaped cake with sprinkles. Nicki and Wood dive in hands first, tasting it and spreading it onto their bodies. (And eventually, each others bodies!) They lick and smear, feeling the frosting harden on their skin. They top it all off with some more sprinkles straight onto their chests. 9:49 HD 1080p

g/g messy food

Featuring: Wood

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Lesbian Housewife

Leona Sadira comes back after a long day of work to be greeted by her beautiful wife, Nicki Sunshine. They talk about their days before pulling out a brand new can of whipped cream from the refrigerator. Leona feeds the whipped cream to Nicki out of her fingers and carefully (or not so carefully) sprays it all over Nicki's chest. After finding a few more kitchen items like clothes pins and a baking spoon, things turn a little kinkier. 8:31 HD 1080p

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Huge Dildo Creampie

After a little tease and asshole winking, I work a slippery dildo into my tight ass. After warming up and craving more, I upgrade to my giant 9" girthy dildo to really fill myself up. I finish up with a creamy anal creampie and some more teasing so you can admire the feat that my ass accomplished. 10:12 HD 1080p

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Sensual Shave

Dressed in sexy lingerie under my robe, I slowly strip for you revealing my ungroomed pussy. It's kind of embarrasing for you to see it like this, so I shave it nice and clean in my kitchen sink. After it's all tidied up, I show off with my dildo and hitachi, cumming just for you. 18:15 HD 1080p

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All Oiled Up

A sensual striptease out of my panties and crop top before covering my bare skin in baby oil. Watch the slick sheen of the oil on my curves as I bring myself to orgasm. 12:09 HD 1080p

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Nicki's Biggest Cock


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Lust Garden: Spin

What's more fun than four babes together for a little slumber party fun? Nicki Sunshine, Xoe Nova, Byron DuBois, and Rococo Royalle decide to play a little spin the bottle. What starts off as cute pecks and drawn out smooches quickly gets a little steamier. Rococo suggests that we spice it up a bit using hitachis instead of kisses. Before you know it, everyone is naked teasing, kissing, and cumming! 20:08 HD 1080p

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Broke Tenant Striptease


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The Cleaning of Dames de Monet

Part two of Dames de Monet! We are such a giant mess so we jump into the shower to help each other clean off all the paint. Lots of cute views as we take turns holding the camera. 8:49 HD 1080p

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Baby Oil Striptease


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